Postgraduate course

This one-week course will illustrate how adopting a consumer-resource approach can change our understanding of interactions, and how adaptive processes can be important in understanding both academic and applied problems in ecology. The course will focus on three selected topics within the broad field of consumer-resource interactions: Hunger, Health and Horror.

The course is particularly focused towards PhD candidates and Postdocs, but we also warmly welcome other academic staff.




2 thoughts on “Postgraduate course

  1. Great course! I learned a lot (in 2010) from these leading scientists and teachers, both with so much passion for their profession.
    Best regards

  2. I have attended the course twice, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. It is good value for money because both students and lecturers are kept busy till late at night, still leaving plenty of time for informal social interactions. It does’t matter if you are not specifically interested in one of the themes as many of the things you learn are are useful in all of ecology. I’d say, consumer these knowledge resources!

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