Annette Janssen


I’m Annette Janssen, a PhD student from the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO) in Wageningen. I’m both a hydrologist and ecologist by training. After doing my MSc at Wageningen University I started my PhD at the NIOO as an aquatic modeler on a project about a Chinese lake called Taihu (close to Shanghai). Taihu means literally large (Tai) lake (Hu) in Mandarin. Lake Taihu is a shallow and large lake located in east China. This lake used to be clear and vegetated, but got eutrophic due to increased nutrient loads from agriculture, industry and domestic wastes. Currently, the lake suffers from severe algae blooms. The aim of the research is to identify critical nutrient loads that form the boundary between a clear vegetated state and a turbid algal state in Lake Taihu. As a research tool a dynamic ecosystem model called PCLake is used. The model incorporates nutrient dynamics, phytoplankton dynamics as well as the dynamics of higher trophic levels.