Bingzhen Du


I am a PhD-student at the Environmental Analysis group, Wagningen University. I’m also a Fellow at the Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research in Beijing, China. My PhD study aims to analyze the interactions between the people and the ecosystems. The study will especially focus on analyzing the different utilization patterns of ecosystem services, the livelihood dependence of local herders and other stakeholders.

My study area is the grasslands in the Inner Mongolia, China, which have been on degradation for decades with severely limits the primary production, resulting in forage shortage, especially in spring. The increasing grassland degradation not only altered regional or even global environments but also directly changed local residents’ livelihoods. Therefore, a basket of grassland management policies have been enforced to reverse the tendency of grassland deterioration in the last decade, however the newly introduced grassland management policies exert great stress on local households’ livelihood by fundamentally changed their lifestyles and reshaping the food using chain & grassland use patterns.

One of the important parts of my PhD is to reveal the interaction of “vegetation (grass) – animal –human” by analysis the diet choice behavior and dynamic process of ecosystems. I am looking forward attend this course and get more idea and knowledge on related issue.