Roeland Bom


I am a PhD-student at the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research. Every winter I move to a tropical intertidal mudflat in Oman in the Middle-East where I study an enigmatic shorebird; the crab plover. I study their diet choice in a spatiotemporal scale and in close relation with the abundance and behaviour of their prey. With experiments we study how the diet choice and intake rates of the predator depends on the availability of the prey. Out in the field, we sample the crab plover prey in a spatial grid. With miniature loggers mounted on free-ranging crab plovers we study how crab plovers move over this grid. Besides location these loggers also record acceleration data, from which we can infer behaviour including prey intakes. I am interested in how crab plovers can cope with a dynamic world and how a dynamic world affects the daily routine of crab plovers.