Bregje van der Bolt

Hi, my name is Bregje, I’m 27 years old and I work in the Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management group at Wageningen University. I am in the last few months of my PhD, in which I look at the influence of climate change on climate-sensitive ecosystems with tipping points. Most research on ecosystems with tipping points make some assumptions that make life easier. For example, that the ecosystem is in steady state, that the rate of environmental change is slow compared to the systems timescale, and that the environmental variability is uncorrelated in time. The validity of these assumptions can be questioned in light of current climate change. In my research I look at what kind of impact changing these assumptions has on the probability of undergoing a critical transition and on the ability to predict such a transition. By showing how these more realistic assumptions affect critical transitions, I hope to gain more insight in how ecosystems might respond to future climate change.

In my spare time I enjoy playing lacrosse and ice-skating (although I am rather bad at ice-skating). I’m looking forward to the course!

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