Christoph Netz

Hello everyone, I’m Christoph and I’m a first-year PhD-student at the Theoretical Biology group of Prof. Weissing (University of Groningen).

I work on the antagonistic coevolution of predators and prey in complex traits such as movement strategies and behaviour. Towards this end I use a mechanistic modelling approach involving a dynamic, spatially explicit environment and evolving neural networks. This allows me to investigate emergent phenomena such as the occurrence of polymorphisms, trait cycles and never-ending evolution. On a more fundamental level, I am interested in the relation of evolution and complexity, intelligence and predator-prey coevolution. How do mechanisms influence the course of evolution and how does evolution shape mechanisms underlying genotype-phenotype mappings? My model considers more detail than comparable models in the field, making the parameter space very large and model outcomes diverse and sometimes counter-intuitive and surprising. To clearly depict and analyse the outcomes is not an easy task and topic of my current work, so I’d appreciate any input!

My hobbies are birdwatching, kayaking and handcrafts such as carving or bronze-casting, but overall I’m more of a generalist with many interests. It will be nice to meet you all, see you soon 🙂

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