Bradley Schroder

My name is Bradley Schroder, I currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am in my third year of my PhD at Wageningen University with the Resource Ecology Group. My PhD title is “The ecological and economical foundations for successful game reserves in nutrient poor savannas”.

The biggest threat to conservation worldwide is the ever growing human population. The biggest threat is the demand for food and accommodation, both these elements of human survival require land, especially productive land for food. Thus we are proving that sustainable conservation areas can be established in an ecological and economical manner to make the areas sustainable for the future.

I have been working in the conservation and wildlife industry for the past 27 years. Having extensively in the field and as a manager. My last position which I resigned from in order to try and break the back of my PhD was Chief Executive Officer of Welgevonden Game Reserve in the Limpopo Province, South Africa ( the official website).

My hobbies are generally to see how far I can push the limits of my body… I do most forms of sport which demand physical and mental strength. I have played international rugby for Botswana, I have competed in 74 marathons and ultra-marathons, mountain and road bike races and Ironman.

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