Dianneke van Wijk

Hi, my name is Dianneke van Wijk. I studied Environmental Sciences and specialised in Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management. In October this year, I started my PhD at the WIMEK graduate school in Wageningen, for which I already wrote my own project proposal. During my project I will explore the potential of the new concept of “Smart Nutrient Retention Networks” to improve water quality and sustainable resource use. The problem is that nutrients end up in surface waters, where they cause water quality problems (e.g. harmful algal blooms) and eventually are lost into the ocean where they become unavailable to humanity. The idea is that nutrient retention in surface waters can be improved, for example by promoting and harvesting water plants. I will develop a model to test and demonstrate smart management strategies to retain and recycle nutrients whilst improving water quality. During this course I hope, besides interacting with experts, to get more insight in nutrient-primary producer interactions, as well as multiple scale and global environmental change perspectives.

Besides working on environmental issues, I like to go out for a walk, photographing, playing (puzzle) games, preparing and enjoying good food and much more…

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