Jasper Croll

Hi all, I’m Jasper and I’m 25 years old. I’m in my first year as a PhD candidate in the Theoretical Ecology group at the University of Amsterdam. During my research I study density dependent effects on individual growth in North Sea fish populations. I’m especially interested in the interplay between density dependence and harvesting regimes. Some of the North Sea fish populations are on its way to recovery due to more strict fishing policies. As a result, density dependent effects might become more apparent, but it is unclear how this will affect estimations of fishing quotas. I currently study the effects of harvesting on individual growth of Sole using a physiologically structured population model. One of my goals is to extent this model to assess harvesting effects in multispecies communities. By exploring several types of consumer-resource interactions during this course, I hope to gain more insight in the effects of harvesting in multispecies communities.

Most of my spare time I spend on ballroom dancing. During the weekends I enjoy organising activities for my scouting group. I’m looking forward to meet you all during the course.

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