Kerstin Günther

Hi, my name is Kerstin. After finishing my Bachelor study on the University of Eberswalde (Germany) in Forestry and my Master study on the University Potsdam (Germany) in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation I have started in February 2017 my PhD thesis at the Leibnitz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland fisheries (IGB Berlin). I’m working in the group “Ecological Modelling”. Currently I am investigating the dynamics of the major energy pathways structuring freshwater communities on the basis of long-term data from Lake Stechlin (NE Germany). I’m especially interested in the question: What are the major energy drivers of the food web system. For this I use two different approaches: a classic food web approach for freshwater systems which is based on functional groups (e.g. SOMMER et al. 2005) and a new clustering technique by GAUZENS et al. (2015). I analyse these two food web approaches with mathematical tools according to their dynamic response to different environmental stressors like temperature regime, as well as nutrient and light availability. Afterwards I will compare the results of both food web approximations with time series of Lake Stechlin, to test which food web approach is more useful for predictions in response to changing environmental conditions.

My free time I enjoy in nature with my horses and dogs. But I’m also interested in literature and culture.

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