Lana de Vries

Hi everyone, my name is Lana and I am 24 years old. I did both my bachelor and master (Biology) at Wageningen University, with a specialization in ecology. About 9 months ago I started my phD at the Experimental Zoology Group of Wageningen University. The project is also in collaboration with the Behavioural Ecology Group and the Resource Ecology Group of Wageningen University, and the research group bees@wur. In my project, I am studying the visual system of bumblebees. Specifically, I am studying how bumblebees depend on their visual systems during the landing manoeuvre. I will do this by filming the landing of bumblebees in different conditions, for example in different light conditions. By analysing the landing trajectory I can compare the landing performance in different conditions, which will give an indication of how well the bumblebee is still able to see.

Although I am currently working on functional zoology, I still like to keep the ecological aspects in mind, and during this course I hope to broaden my knowledge. I look forward to learning more about consumer resource interactions.

In my free time I like to go to the movies, play board games with friends, keep plants, and since lately Guinee pigs, and I like to go bouldering once in a while. During holidays I like to go for outdoor vacations, such as hiking and canoeing.

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