Manqi Chang

Hi, my name is Manqi, I am 27 year old and I work in department of Aquatic Ecology at NIOO-KNAW. I am currently in my third year as a PhD candidate. My research focuses on managing algal blooms by ecological modelling for lakes. To approach this project, I start from the theoretical perspective to practical perspective. To understand the mechanisms of species interactions, I was studying different species competition models and see how they give different prediction based on different underlying causality. These competition interactions are also an important part of the consumer resource theory. I feel really happy to join the course and see how people who have diverse research focuses explain these theories in different perspectives. Currently, I am studying how these fundamental theories can be related to practical ecological modelling, and water quality management. To join this course, I would like to have a broader view to understand consumer – resource interactions. Specifically, I am interested in how the consumer – resource theory built on laboratory experiment can be scaled up to ecosystem level? Can we benefit practical questions like water quality management from the theoretical work?

In my free time, I enjoy photography, visiting museums and travelling to beautiful natural area. I also like to talk with friends about the future of ourselves and the world! I’m looking forward to the course a lot and meeting you all!

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