Martijn Weterings

In 2011 I obtained a personal doctoral grant for teachers from the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research (NWO) and started my doctoral study in 2012 at Wageningen University. My PhD was focussed on the effects of predation risk and habitat characteristics on European hare. Currently, besides teaching Wildlife Management at the Van Hall Larenstein, I’m working as a program manager and researcher at the professorship ‘animal behaviour, health and welfare’ and as a postdoctoral researcher at the Resource Ecology Group, Wageningen University. Together with a consortium (VHL, WUR, SAXION, SODAQ and WWF), we are developing a sensor network that captures the alarm responses of ungulate herds to prevent poaching of rhinos and elephant. Movement of individuals of widely abundant, non-threatened wildlife species, for example, can be remotely monitored ‘real time’ using GPS-sensors. Deviations in movement of these species can be used to indicate the presence of poachers and prevent poaching.

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