Patrick Flege

Hey! My name is Patrick, I am 27 years old, and in the process of finishing my degree ‘M.Sc. Biology’ at Wageningen University. From January 2019 onwards, I will start my PhD at NIOZ (Texel) at the ‘Department of Coastal Systems’. My research will focus on the connectivity between spawning grounds and nursery habitats of European plaice (Pleuronectes platessa). Plaice is a commercially important flatfish, especially for Dutch fisheries (which land 24% of the world’s catch), yet its habitat is threatened by several factors, such as overfishing and climate change. During my research, I will develop a particle tracking model, which simulates the movement of plaice eggs through entogeny, from spawning grounds to nursery habitats. Using big data, I will try to answer the question: How exactly are spawning and nursery areas connected? How to biotic and abiotic interaction influence the chance of plaice eggs and larvae settling reaching their nursery grounds ? How do potential alien species, and changes in larval food supply, affect recruitment success? And how might changes in salinity, water temperature, and other abiotic factors, affect habitat connectivity under different scenarios of global climate change? Since plaice  plays such an important role in the Dutch (and European) fisheries sector, we hope to find ways to anticipate potential detrimental developments for its population in the coming decades!

During my leisure time, I enjoy reading, running, strength training, and climbing! I look forward to meeting all of you, and to doing the course together

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