Yingying Wang

Hi, my name is Yingying, I am doing my PhD in the Resource Ecology group at the Wageningen University. My major is disease ecology. My research focuses on the effect of biodiversity changes on disease risk. Given that the majority of zoonotic pathogen originated from wildlife, animals are forced to adapt or they might go extinct as the environment changes, often due to human-mediated impacts. This raises a question: how will disease risk change along with changes in biodiversity? Plenty of previous studies focus on species richness (the number of different species), my study suggested that community compositions including abundances of species are more important than counting the number of different species. Next, I would like to study how habitat fragmentation caused by climate change or land use change can affect composition of local community incorporating island biogeography theory, we can see how disease risk would change based on the changes in community composition. By joining the consumer-resource interactions in times of global environmental change, I hope to learn to understand how community composition changes clearly.

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