Zulin Mei

Hi, my name is Zulin Mei, from China, I work in the Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation Group of Wageningen University, I am in the first year of my PhD candidate. My research is about natural pest control, titled as “The Effect of Land-Use Intensity on Diversity and Evenness of Natural Enemies and Natural Pest Control”. In my research, spiders and carabid beetles are selected as bio-indictors; we are interested in how these groups responding to the change of environment especially the intensity of land-use. My research focuses on 4 scientific questions: 1) What proportion of the natural enemy community is providing the bulk of the services and how is this relationship influenced by farming intensity? 2) What is the spatial turnover of species between sites and how is this related to spatial scale? 3) What is the temporal turnover of species between years? 4) Does evenness of natural enemy communities enhance pest control services? I hope to get more insight into the relationship between pests and natural enemies by participating the course on consumer-resources interactions.

I’m looking forward to the course a lot and meeting you all!

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